Front Spoiler Replacement Under Panels for E36 models

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Front Spoiler Replacement Under Panels for E36 models

The toughest underpanel designed for BMW E-36 on the market! Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum, this panel will definitely be the last one you will ever need to buy. The underpanel is designed to fit directly into the original factory holes located on the bottom of the E-36 front spoiler. Because it attaches to the front spoiler, direct contact with a curb or a cone will result in equal movement between the spoiler and panel. Opposed to the plastic factory panels attached to the chassis, which makes them much more rigged and susceptible to braking. This panel is the ultimate in shielding road debris and the elements of inclimatic weather from corroding vital engine parts. Performance enthusiast will appreciate the flat panel’s ability to accelerate airflow underneath the spoiler. This accelerated airflow creates a low-pressure area under the spoiler, most commonly known as “Downforce”. Self-installation will take about an hour. One less component to worry about will last a lifetime.

This Panel Assembly fits all E36 models except “M3 Lightweight”.

Panels are now designed to fit automatics too!

Aluminum Under Panel E36 and E36 M3 ON SALE NOW JTD 907Regular price: $149.95

Sale price: $135.00


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